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We understand the importance of having your digital assets absolutely secured. Thus, we have designed special services for our customers that ensure that the transferring of the digital data is done with total safety. It is our aim to offer reliable, quick, and cost-effective backup that allows you to always stay connected with your digital data. In the present time, losing your data is one of the scariest things that can happen. Give us the chance to make sure that even if your device is destroyed the data stays safe. Let us tell you more about the process and our service of online computer backup.

Brief about the online computer backup service

There are digital data that you highly depend upon. It is needless to say that if you lose the data it will be a huge setback, whether be it a personal setting or a professional one. Thus, there is a huge need for protection of such data. Earlier recovering such data on the collapse of the storage device was no less than a herculean job. However, with changing times there was a dire need to find a way that would serve as storage even if the devices face any issues. Thus, we have the Online PC Backup service that allows you to store the data away from your system and then accessing them at any point of time.

Wonder of cloud

The cloud system is basically storing all the data online without the presence of a physical storage device. The data on the cloud can easily be uploaded from several sources. However, there is a limit of devices that can be connected with one slot in the server. It is not an issue to flawlessly transfer the data from different devices into the cloud with help of our services. If you desire, the data from the cloud can also be again transferred to physical devices. We provide the service of ending up to 2TB data through shipment. However, if you want higher digital assets than that to be transferred then there are extra packages designed. Through the cloud, you can be sure that your data will never be lost unless you want to delete it. Also, there is the option of recovering not only full but partial data too.

A brief look at our service

Let us walk you through the key features that fuel the strength of our service.

  • We provide you with a hybrid service.
  • There is the option for both private and public deployment. While the public one means sharing the server with others, the private signifies hiring space on a separate server. Both are safe, you can choose one in accordance with your preference and quantity of data.
  • There is the option for the image, as well as, file recovery.
  • The security we offer is military grade and thus the data is not vulnerable to any form of hacking.
  • Our experts easily deal with the service of bandwidth optimization.
  • Compression is an added service that reduces the space taken by your data
  • Through careful execution and powerful software, we block out any form of duplication. This is a process that is followed at every level.
  • Easy managing of the functions doesn’t require you to have deep knowledge of this field
  • The monitoring and management of the backup software are clustered in a center which ensures that you do not get confused.
  • Before we start working, we offer you with a free business assessment. It doesn’t mean that you are under any obligation to take up our service, but we are sure you will as you want the best service and we provide the same.
  • You can request about the pricing and we will get back to you. We do not believe in an all-fit-one rule, thus we ensure that you are charged according to your requirement which makes the service profitable for you.

 The other benefits

Keeping your data safe is the direct benefit of opting for the online data backup for your computer or mobile. Alongside the direct advantage, there are also few other benefits that our services offers. When you don’t have to worry about your data storage, then the time can be directed towards developing the efficiency of the other parts of the organization. The other advantage is that you do not always have to be on-site to access the data. You can do it from anywhere. In fact, you can access the data from any part of the world at any time you desire.

Keeping in touch

We believe in building a long-term relationship with our customers. That is why the excellence of our service doesn’t decrease once the software is installed, it stays the same. That makes sure we have always got your back when you face any issues.