Hybrid Server Backup Canada | Hybrid Server Backup Toronto

We take pride in being such service providers who offer comprehensive and simple services to the consumers. Our 360 approach towards Hybrid Server Backup is aimed at offering you with such solutions that help in solving all your issues. We pay special attention is solving the data protection issues. With us, you can expect highly customizable service. We also pay special attention to providing service that is reliable. It helps us in managing a long-term relationship with the clients. Our carefully assembled team is capable of backing up data from any source with help of highly technologically advanced software.

Getting started Hybrid Server Backup

We take pride in the service we provide and also in our high level of customer service initiatives. We do not want you to get burdened with initial investments. Thus, we have eliminated any form of upfront payment from our service profile. Customer service is an important aspect of any business. That stands true in the case of us, as well as, you. Thus we offer fast service that helps you in delivering value to your customers without any hurdles. During the transition of data transfer, we ensure that there are no hiccups in your daily working. It is our skill to install backup service in such way that turns profitable for you immediately and also in the long run.

Understanding the Hybrid Server Backup benefits

We want our relationship to be absolutely transparent. That is why it is essential to go through the benefits of the services that we are offering.

  • Easy: with help of the powerful cloud server we ensure that your data transfer is fast. Along with that, the service we offer is easy to manage.
  • Complete: our software is designed in such way that it helps in providing total protection. It offers virtual and physical protection to the infrastructures. Moreover, we also extend our service towards protecting hybrid infrastructures.
  • Safe: we have all the right certifications to guarantee that the service we are providing is better than anyone is the market.
  • We do not claim to be the best but we show that by offering the customers with flawless service.
  • No limit: on every partner channel there is no limit for the tenants. Thus, you can use it with ease.
  • Productivity: though a simple change in the system and backing system, you can feel increased productivity. The single panel management is a way to ensure that your employees are showcasing enhanced professional attitude.
  • Effort: the time invested by management will certainly reduce leaving more time for you to monitor the customer interaction for your business. The self-service backup monitor for the customer service helps in monitoring and controlling the backup.
  • Integration: the improved automation process helps with seamless integration of the new software. As it is extremely easy to learn that is why no one needs any extra knowledge to manage the backing.
  • Customer service: there are trained executives who provide constant service to the customers. Thus, you can ask them any questions and also they will solve the problems with ease.

Some more to explore Hybrid Server Backup

These were some of the overall benefits of availing our business. Now, we tell you about the specific ones that will help you in understanding better.

  • The cloud backup system is flexible in nature. The hybrid protection is specially designed to store copies from distinctive locations.
  • The recovery process from the cloud is very easy and without any hassle.
  • There is the provision for rapid incremental restore.
  • The software is compatible with different operating systems both computer and mobile devices.
  • Ownership of the data is managed in a simplified way that helps you with easy operation.
  • Backing up of the data can easily be done in parts or completely.
  • We offer disk to cloud and cloud to disk backup support depending on your requirement.
  • You can view the activities of the customers and also get alerts through a centralized viewing system.
  • The backup data is kept absolutely safe and secured.

The version

In our specially designed Hybrid Server Backup service, we ensure that your data can be restored properly even if it is a previous. We can backup up to 10 versions of servers and also databases. They can later be revived with the help of local backup.

The physical data

Our service helps in managing the transfer of data from cloud to physical and also from physical to cloud. We can ship the physical data up to 2 TB. There is also special service that can be implemented in transferring data in higher volumes.

Few more words

This is not the only service that we have specifically designed for the customers. There are other ones that you can easily explore. Moreover, we also provide service from big conglomerate to small startup, without any hindrance in the excellence of the service offered. So, if you are looking for a smooth transfer of data, you are at the right place.