Backup Support: Online Backup Canada – Offsite Backup Plans

Did you know? 39% of data disasters happen by accident?

In today’s data-centric world, IT downtime and data loss can have serious financial, business, or even regulatory consequences. BackupSupport ensures that your personal and business-critical data is always protected.

While our MSP backup solution provides enterprise-level performance and reliability without requiring any extra hardware, and anytime and anywhere web-based management, our cloud-based approach provides a reliable, fast solution which makes low-maintenance, prompt backups directly to the cloud, and helps recover files and data rapidly whenever needed.

The final result? Our clients can stop stressing over data loss – and run their business smoothly.

Backup Support for Businesses:

Worry free online data backup!

Studies have shown that losing critical data and files for even 24 hours can have a serious negative impact on businesses. And this is more than merely losing money. It’s also about the reputation of the business…and winning new clients. Do you think your files are protected? If your answer is no, then BackupSupport has got you covered with a comprehensive range of data backup and recovery plans.

Business solutions we offer:

We let you schedule your backups to weekly, monthly or daily basis—according to your choice. Our online backup service also offers automatic backup facility, giving you the leverage to schedule backups constantly.

Laptop and desktop backup support in Canada

Most of the company’s critical files are stored in employee laptops and desktops, and yet almost 90 percent of these systems are not backed up. Laptops and desktops are particularly susceptible to risks—coffee spills, hard drive failure, theft, or loss—that may compromise with data security. With BackupSupport’s automated backup facility you can completely destroy the likelihood of files getting lost because of damage, theft, mechanical malfunction or human error.

Cloud server backup Support in Canada

Our cloud server backup helps you decide what will work best for your business. Do you have virtual or physical servers? How do you wish to make server backups? Scheduled or automated? Daily, weekly or monthly or multiple times during the day? Our cloud server backup is a comprehensive solution that is scalable to meet every demand of your business.

How is cloud storage different from cloud backup?

A lot of people confuse storage and backup by thinking they are one and the same thing. The fact is, they are two extremely different things.

Many customers use cloud storage because it is normally free. Then they realize the hard way that it does not have the capacity to offer the same security against data loss as cloud backup.

Storage solutions such as, Google Docs and Dropbox offer data sync and share facilities, i.e., they offer backup only for those files you have chosen to share. Apart from this, it is possible you may not receive the best encryption policies with such services.

A cloud backup solution such as BackupSupport can back up all your files, folders, and photos automatically. This means every time you edit a file or create a new one and save it on the computer, it is automatically backed up and updated in the cloud. Our cloud backup solution makes use of advanced encryption at each step to secure the data.

For businesses small and large. Irrespective of how many devices they use, BackupSupport balances with every need and lets the customers handle cloud server backup with amazing simplicity. You can rest assured that all of your devices are secured automatically all of the time.

Online Backup Support for Personal data in Canada:

Years of tax documents? Family photos? Music? Important data? With BackupSupport, your digital life is as secure as it can get!

Your time and your data is precious!

We make sure your files and data are protected with an automatic system that manages your backups so you don’t have to do them on your own. Upon setup, BackupSupport starts backing up your files automatically, and keeps doing so on a regular basis. We even give you the leverage to personalize your automatic backup schedule to meet your requirements. Two times a week, each day, several times a day—the choice is yours!

Access options abound!

Want to access your data or files on the fly? You can easily use our web restore option. Need to download all your files? We’ve got you covered!

World-class security

There is nothing more reassuring than the feeling that your data is in good hands. BackupSupport offers Military-grade encryption. This means that during backups, your files are t encrypted onto your computer and transferred over a secure SSL connection and kept at a securely managed data center.

At our data centers we ensure highest security standards, including,

  1. 24×7 Monitoring,
  2. Temperature controls,
  3. Backup power supplies,
  4. Fire suppression systems,
  5. Biometric scanners, and more.


  1. We human-proof your data!

One of the biggest risks to data is human error. Since we are always backing up your important data and files you can rest assured nothing will be lost.

  1. Advanced security:

We use advanced encryption to secure your data at the time of transmission and while it is stored at secure datacenters.

  1. Our services work when anti-virus does not:

Installing an anti-virus software is not enough to secure your data from ransomware. We can restore files and data after an attack making sure you are safeguarded by cyber criminals.

  1. Top-notch customer support:

Whether through online chat, phone or email, our business support team will help you configure, install, and manage your data backup and restoration.

  1. Regulatory compliance:

If you are a part of a regulated industry such as insurance, healthcare, or education, BackupSupport provides full compliance.

BackupSupport’s hybrid and cloud backup and recovery plans offer nonstop, secure data protection designed to back up midsize and small businesses and homes. We help you stay in complete control of your data!