Backup Solutions for Laptops, Desktops,
Servers & Critical Infrastructure

Get unlimited space in the cloud for your required backup.
Your files will always be accessible, from anywhere in the world. Files are transmitted using military grade encryption, both in terms of uploading and downloading.

Easy Online Cloud Backup

Simple as ABC. Select the files that you wish to backup, the rest is all automatic.

Backup for Business

Let us research the correct backup solution to meet your specific compliancy requirement - CFTC, SOX, HIPAA, etc.

Online Server Backup

Let us store your critical business documents & databases, such as SQL & mySQL, Oracle, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks & more.

Email Backup

E-mail backup is critical. We can backup your Exchange server database, or individual mailboxes.

Disaster Recovery & BCP

We can help your business to iron out a fully functional disaster recovery or business continuity plan.

Phone Support 24/7/365

We can provide you assistance here in North America between 09:00AM-05:00PM, and after hours support is handled by our alternate call centre.

Backup Solutions

Healthcare / Financial

All patient medical records are safe and secure. Social security numbers (SIN) or patient home addresses will be subject to HIPAA data protection regulation and requirements. Enterprise grade data protection services over the cloud are also available, such as Backup & Restore, Archiving, and Lost Data Destruction.

Enterprise / Legal

Best-of-breed data protection services over the cloud, such as Backup, Recovery, Archiving and Lost Data Destruction. Legal professional or law firm you may be responsible for advising your clients appropriately concerning regulations that affect your client's data backup, recovery and archiving requirements.

Retail / Real Estate

Schedule and automate your backups for your POS servers, database servers and workstations with safe & secure solutions. Keep your data offsite but always within reach. Whether you are looking for backup/recovery and archiving solutions for a realtor office or a property management company, we have the solution to meet your needs and to assist you with your data compliance requirements.


Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) should be focusing on their core business rather than managing their backups.